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Dec 22, 2010

How to avoid Social Phishing?

Most of us teens and adults are both fond of joining social networking but sometimes we cant avoid that our account are being hacked. On the other hand, being a member of social networking sites does have its advantages too.

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You will be able to connect and communicate to your long lost friends and even relatives. You can keep up with the lives of your friends even if you don’t see each other regularly. You can share news about your life without having to call each other contact personally or send out hundreds of text messages and lastly, you can be updated with your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays and can greet them at all hours.
How you manage your site and profile is entirely up to you.

Here are some tips that can help you more secure in your site.

1. Leave me alone :) - learn about privacy setting and customize your profile accordingly. Keep all your information’s within your circle of friends only.

2. Be sensitive with private info- don’t post info’s that is too personal like address, and phone no.

3. Picture perfect – be cautious about the types of picture you post. Don’t post picture showing you in embarrassing and unprofessional situation.

4. No phishing allowed-Make sure you are in the correct site when entering your password and other personal info.

5. Use your head – be suspicious of odd messages from your contacts.

6. Avoid the unknown links- think twice before clicking links that your friends send you in message.

7. Know your Friend First – before you accept a new contact make sure they are people you really know.

8. Know yourself- hackers really know what they are doing. In order to get into your account they study the personal information you entered. if possible make up your own password retrieval question.

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