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Dec 8, 2010 Down Due To DDOS From Wikileaks Supporters

Julian Assange  the founder of Wikileaks Swiss Bank account was closed due to accusation of lying in account. The spread of allegation make the move for  cut off also their support as one of the payment service for the Wikileaks in getting a donation. 

Later this day due to the incision of mastercard service, a group of vigilant hacker turned down the successfully by a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attack) as a revenge for Julian Assange’s Swiss Bank shut down and an incision of their service.

It was tweeted at Anon_Operation Twitter account. This attack of vigilant hacker emphasizing how Wikileaks saga will play out and banged a battleground over the internet. 

As the tension go between Assange and financial system heats up. Bank of America has set a swat team to prevent hacker from attacking other target payment services.

In the tweet by Anon Operation the hacker might also atack Paypal, Swiss Bank Post Finance, Visa, Amazon and other sites which refuse to lend their service to Assange.


Mushu said...

start of internet bagging in terms of Internet Supremacy...