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Feb 22, 2011

Anime Girl Collection

Perfect face, perfect body and almost perfect women. We often utter specially when we see an anime girl either in TV, internet or magazine. Everything may look perfect by the use of photoshop and other media editing tools.Top graphic designer such as David Airey, Jacob Cass, Alen Grakalic and others work are truly amazing.I can't stop myself looking for their stunning graphic arts. Amazed and inspired by techniques they used.

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Please take a glance with this anime girl collection and be inspired. (or maybe inlove with them :) )

Anime Sneaker Girl

Anime Da QiaoAnime Feng Yue

Anime Haruna-YabukiAnime Music GirlAnime Music Girl2

Anime Xiao QiaoAnime Portrait Girl

Anime Tsuruchi Saya

Anime White Skirt


Anonymous said...

nice. =)

Emperial Killer said...

I love them..:)

Anonymous said...

ei where did you get this anime faces..its like it anime!!!

Anonymous said...

request deathnote naman

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