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Feb 17, 2011

Magento: How to update Order Status by batch?

Companies which cater e-commerce usually used fulfillment center to complete their shipping and order process for day transaction. They usually get the orders from Magento database and pass it over to fulfillment center and let them do the process.

This process is outstanding in terms of distribution and logistics, since the company maximizes its full power in managing order using Third Party Company and the same time has a full control in inventory and sales tracking (of course using magento cms.).

Although there were several failures that they encounter and need to address in order to complete such process.

 Please take a look at this process.

1. First customer will buy products online using Magento CMS. With successful transactions. Magento will record the order information in their database.

2. Owner has the power to process the order in Magento Backend like Invoicing and Shipping but since my client is using fulfillment center to process their orders their using scripts which get order information from database and pass it over to them. With this the order status are remained “PROCESSING”.

3. Once fulfillment center finish processing the orders then it will pass a text file to the site FTP the completed orders.


So the problem that they currently facing right now are on how they’re going to updated the orders status from PROCESSING to COMPLETED by batch.


They can purchase and install this extension to make a batch update in order status. Another option is to make a script with cron job which automatically import the completed sales order from Fulfillment Center and update the status of orders automatically in Magento Database. (I will update you on this if I have this code.  ).
You can also do it manually if you’re making fun doing it.:)

Note: Magento has no option to have SELECT ALL and change status by batch. I think you need to do it manually.

1. First choose an order that status is pending / processing. If the status is pending, choose that order.

2. For Pending order you need to create an invoice for that order. Please see screencast below.

3. After creating an invoice / for processing orders you need to make a shipping process to make the orders completed.

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