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Apr 4, 2011

Does autoblogging is a bad thing?

This is a question form Steve from Austin, Texas to Mr. Matt Cutts “Does Google see automatically generated content as a bad thing (i.e. spam)? If I publish uncopyrighted content on my site that is available from other sources/sites via a WordPress plugin, and Google found out, are there any penalties? “
Generally, Autobloggin is not a bad thing or shall we say outside America’s area. As what Mr. Cutts said in video below. If one person write an articles either she/he go to copyright office or not, “ARTICLES ARE COPYRIGHTED”. Automated content is not a bad thing since Google itself does automated search in thier search results but there are pro’s and con’s dealing with it.

1. Automated Content can give you a bit traffic since you can post bunch of content everyday.
2. You can easily spotted by Search Engine since you have lot of contents compare to others.
3. You can maintain many blogs as you can since you don’t need to do different content for them everyday.
4. Built hundreds of autoblogging blogs and earn. Sum it up!. You can build hundreds of autoblogging site and earn even just $2.00 per day per blog is quite reasonable.

1. First consequences, posibility to encounter copyright infringement. In United States it’s illegal to published others work in your site with out prior to the original authors.
2. I know you can get traffic from Social Media and linking. But Search Engine still the main source of site traffic. Autoblogging is generally dependable for search engine specially with Google. Autoblogging is greatly affected when Google change thier search algorithm. “Google is smart”.
3. Search engine perspective “Sites that stay or stick are the ones that are providing good, quality, HAND MADE CONTENT”.
4. Even autoblogging is automated you still need dedication in order to make it to the top, and that is so frustrating.

For further information about autoblogging. Read this hub
What are your thoughts on the concept of autoblogging?