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Apr 16, 2011

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"If a job's worth doing, it's too hard." Yes, indeed, all worthy things needs hard work in order to accomplish and become success. This principle can also be apply in monetizing a website. Before you gain a million, you need a million hard work too. Make your website best content contributors and gain good reputation and you can earn a million.

Now let's go to a reality :).

There are several types of advertising that can be use to monetize your site. These are cpm (cost per mile) advertising, cost per click (i.e Google Adsense), affiliate marketing, paid reviews, cost per action advertising, direct advertising and a lot more. The only key here is to choose the best.

Each type of advertising has its own set of criteria that publishers (the one who own website(s)) need to met before they can join the said program. Let me give as an example.

What is BuySellAds Network? is one of the top advertising network which connecting advertisers and publishers in online marketplace.

We help online advertisers and website publishers buy and sell ads better.
Buying and selling ads isn’t rocket science. We won’t confuse you with fancy algorithms or make you wonder how we do what we do. It’s as simple as selecting the website you want to advertise on, and then paying for the ad. After that, we get out of your way so that you can get on with your day. We don’t "mark up" prices — the website owners set their own pricing — and every aspect of our system is transparent. - BuySellAds

How BSA(BuySellAds) works?

1. First you need to create an account in BSA site.
2. After account has been approved, you need to submit a property (website/desktop/mobile).
3. BSA will review your submitted property and take several days to make a notification if your property is decline or accepted.
4. Approved site can now create an Adzone, install it in your site.
5. BSA then track the page impression of adzone installed to your site.
6. BSA will now sell your ads. IMPORTANT: Pricing is important, please read their tips on how to price your ads.
7. If someone buy your ads, you can receive the payment by the following means.
7. Congratulations, you're now earning dollars:).

What Website fits for BuysellAds Network?

Website which obtaining a good traffic stats is most fitted in this type of advertising.

Income and Pricing

25% of your income is taken by BuySellAds. So, if you’re gaining a $100.00 a month, then you can only get $75.00 for that month. Setting your price is a crucial step. Price must be reasonable for your traffic, pagerank, alexa ranking etc...To learn more, read this tips from BuySellAds.

Ads Format

Most common ads format are 125x125 unit which usually place in the sidebar. Another one is 468x60 located in the site hearder.


You can recieve payment using Paypal Account, check or wire transfer. Thier minimum cashout is $50.00. Paypal cashout takes 2-3 days once they have requested a payment and each user is permitted up to 2 PayPal cashouts only per month. Cashout via check is once per week and each user is permitted one check cashout per month. Then, Wire Transfer is once per week and each user can cashout via Wire Transfer as much as they want. A $35 fee each time you cashout out via Wire Transfer and Minimum balance for Wire Transfer cashout is $500.

So what you're waiting for? create an account now and build your empire. :)


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