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Apr 13, 2011

Simple fix to Magento 404 error on every single page

Having a 404 error in magento can be quite depressing, especially if you won’t be able to login to magento admin as well. Luckily the fix for 404 errors is very simple, just open your magento index.php and change the following:




Due to magento’s cache, it may take some time for you to see the changes. To answer this problem, all you need to do is delete the content of the /var/cache folder and clear the cache of your browser, then reload.. It will be good as new..


Dave said...

Thank you! I just deleted a store vie and got a 404 error for the whole site! Forgot I had set the store view to the one which I had deleted.

Anonymous said...

I just encountered the error and the problem was that files were encrypted under windows 7. File names appeared in green color.Right click -> advanced and uncheck encrypt files...
The log in var system.log was really helpful in this discovery.