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May 17, 2011

Obsession of a Blogger

Being a blogger need a proper habits and ethics. Loosing these two leads to obsessions, some of theses are good, some are bad. Obsessions goes beyond our daily living even with our blog.

Bloggers are obsessed in different reason but most of them are due urging of high traffic, high search engine ranking and of course gaining "money".

Obsession for traffic stats

Mr. Thanh Pham clearly point out the bloggers obsession towards their stats and comments everyday in his guest post to I also did that! When I start my blogging career I usually check my traffic and comment stats every hour or less. As days goes by, I found myself keep doing that until I noticed that my blog doesn’t moving forward since I lost time doing it repeatedly.

I lost time. What if instead of checking my traffic stats I created a post or do blog commenting, or even guest posting in other blog? Maybe, I made 1000 post or less. :(

Today, I go for schedule in checking my blog stats. I check it in the evening before doing a evening post and I tell the excitement is there compare for an hourly checking. :)

Obsession for Search Engine Results

Another obsession that I noticed for most bloggers is the desires for search engine results. A kinda good obsession if you hear it first. But the pitfall of being obessed so much in search engine results are unreasonable expense and bush SEO implementation. Due to the desire of search engine results spot they ended to join ppc campaign and do a highest bid without consideration of keyword analysis. If you aren’t big company or an e-commerce company it is not important to join ppc campaign such as adwords. What you need to do is to create a proper keywords analysis and stable back linking.

Bush SEO implementation on the other hand is either intentional or cause of extensive search results obsession. They find themeselves applying black hat SEO, keywords spamming, link farming etc... which are unacceptable method of blog marketing.

Obsession for Money

They say that "The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil", true isn’t it?. One of the major problem for almost bloggers is the instinct of gaining money by making blog. The lose end of this idea is that they writing for money and not for the readers. So the end result is that they do nasty ways to gain money such as copying content from other blogs, do offensive seo method, and violating right of others and more..

But one thing I assure you, too much obsession for money can end up of getting nothng.