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May 3, 2011

Simple Tips in Debugging Magento Store

There are several ways to debug the backend and frontend of Magento sites. One of the best known extensions is the developer toolbar, you can download it here. This extension will allow Magento users to access some of regular function and allow setting specific IP for the usage. But it has some know issue that prompt developer to avoid using it in production site.

Another way to Debug is to enable the developer configuration in the Magento configuration Tab.

Here’s how.

First, you need to login to your magento site. Then, navigate to System -> Configuration. Under the developer tab you can enable the system log (system and exception), inline path setting, profile setting etc.
In order to see the log file, you need to create {{base_dir}}/var/log/system.log and{{base_dir}}/var/log/exception.log files for catching log from the magento frontend and backend.


Seo London said...

Nicely written! Really helpful for the people who are working on Magento sites

madalinoprea said...

There is an alternative to this  developer toolbar called magneto debug,  an open source extension that exposes Magento's internal information to developer (controller information, block classes, template filenames, handles, etc). More:

Janzell Jurilla said...

 Hi madalinoprea,

That makes sense, thanks for sharing it. 

Janzell Jurilla said...

Thanks for the sweet words SEO London. 

Magento One Page Checkout said...

Nice collection , thanks for sharing magento extensions.