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Jul 14, 2011

Think twice before you buy Domains

Bloggers should think twice before making a move in buying domains. Recently, Google announced and confirmed that they removed all the domains and websites from the search results and indexing. Domains having domains will not be included in the search query as what Google implied. In simple manner websites having this domain extension can’t get any traffic from Google.

The reason why Google taking this step is to lessen the “spammy results” in their search query. Majority of the sites are considered to be spammy and, thee most obvious facts why Google doesn't trust this domain extension is that: first, it is not considered as top level domain, then the second one is, it is usually given free. domain is primarily owned by a private company located in korea so that why Google take this as a free hosting provider and blocked it totally in search results. Another story is, since this domain extension is usually free, spammers start creating thousands of spammy websites out of this domain and complete their spam offers with less monetary expenses.

I know that you can usually get a good domain with these extensions but never ignore the fact that your sites will be mixed up with spammy sites which is not good at all. The main point here is that when you are seriously investing for something then you need to be serious. Please always go with .com .net .org domain.

If domain name you want is taken then don’t settle for the lesser quality domain like .biz .info or whatsoever. You need to be creative and think for new name and go for .com :)

Let me know your thoughts? Please leave a comment below.


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