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Sep 27, 2011

Adding Google Custom Search on Blogger

Adding Google custom search in your blog will let your users to search easily. Looking for their interest either in your site / any other sites you specified on Custom Search Engine Panel and without taking the action to leave your site.

Some of the advantages of Custom Search are:
  • Display search result of your website.
  • To build community contribution on the search engine.
  • To know the interest of your users
  • And, to monetize resulting traffic.
To add Google Custom Search on your blog, just follow the following steps.
  1. Login at Google Custom Search
  2. Specify your search engine settings – in this step, you’ll be required to enter name, description, choose language, sites to search, editions and lastly, checking the terms of service.
  3. Next step, will allow you to choose style of your custom search.
  4. Grabbing the code is the last step but there are some advance customization at the bottom; like makes money, refinements and promotions.
  5. Now, Login to Blogger. Go to Layout -> Click Add A Gadget -> Choose HTML /Javascript.
  6. Paste Custom Search Element code that we’d copied.
  7. Save your Layout and done.


Ludi said...

Thank you this was very helpful!