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Jan 23, 2012

BLOGGER: Fixed Freezing Posts

I tried viewing some of my recent posts in an IE browsers and I noticed when I trying to load a post which has a comment the page is suddenly stop and freeze. It is really weird and it only happens on IE. The only option I got is to go back on the home page. Investigating it, I observe that only those posts which had comments are the one which is not loaded.

This issue is due to comment bug. Blog which has a “Embedded” type of comment suffers on this problem. I found a temporary solution on the blogger forum and that is by changing your comment location into popup or full page type.

Here’s how: Login to your Blogger Account and goes to Settings -> Posts and comments ( And change the comment Location).


Anonymous said...

That save my life. I been looking to fix this issue with my blog and I crossed to your site. Thank you so much