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Feb 2, 2012

Magento: Free shipping for Individual Products.

The default free shipping option of Magento is by enabling the free shipping method on the shipping method configuration. However, this option is applied on overall products which reach the order value that set on free shipping method. In other case, if you want to use free shipping method in a specific product, the following steps are applicable and working.

Step 1.

1.In Admin Section – Navigate to catalog/attributes/manage attributes
2.Click create attribute and set and set the following value on the given fields. 
  • Attribute Code: freeshipping
  • Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: Yes/No
  • Click Manage Label/Options tab
  • Set admin to: Free Shipping
3. Save your configuration.

Step 2.

1. In admin panel again , go to catalog/attributes/manage attributes sets
2. select default ( or you can create your own attribute set).
3. On the third column drag freeshipping and drop to the second column (general folder).
4. Save your attribute set.

Step 3.

1. Now, navigate to catalog/manage products
2. Select some of the products by clicking the checkboxes at the left.
3. Select update attributes on the actions dropdown under the reset filter and search button.
4. Click submit and find "free shipping", click the checkbox change, then set the dropdown to yes
5. Save your updates

Step 4.

1. Go to promotions/shopping cart rules
2. Click add new rule and set and enter the following values
  • Rule name: Freeshipping
  • Status: Activate
  • Customer Groups: select all (with shift)
  • Click Conditions tab
  • Click the green plus symbol
  • Select 'product attribute combination'
  • Click on the FIRST green plus symbol
  • Select 'Free shipping'
  • Click on the free dots, and type: 1
  • Click actions tab
  • Find Free shipping: choose the second if you want to have the free shipping only for those products or the third one if you want to have it for the entire order…
3. Save

Step 5.

1. Lastly, disable the free shipping method on the shipping method configuration.
2. Navigate to system/configuration/shipping methods/ disable free shipping.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or clarifications regarding the steps.


Cherry said...

Hello, I tried these, but not working. Is it because I have other shipping methods enabled?

Janzell Jurilla said...

hi Cherry, the above steps is working in my end. Did you follow all the steps?

Please let me know if it still unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry,

I can't seem to find Select 'Free shipping' in step 4. I can only check Attribute set or Catergory under the Product attribute category in the dropdown.

I managed to do all the other steps. When I try to create a new "Free shipping" attribute set, I don't know how to put the specific products in this set?
If I set the "Default" attribute set in the shipping cart rule, all the products get free shipping.

I guess I missed a step? Can't seem to figure out which one I missed.

Anonymous said...

For newer Magento versions:
In step 1 please check the dropdown Set Use for Promo Rule Conditions to: Yes (under front-end).

Kevin Nguyen said...

hi, it is working if I checkout with product which has free shipping attribute is set to yes. Does it work if I checkout with both Yes and No freeshipping attribute products?