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Mar 19, 2012

Simsimi: Crazy Conversations for iPhone and Andriod

Simsimi utilized 2.7 million users for Iphone apps store and Andriod apps market. Simsimi is an apps that offers crazy conversation to your smart phone by chatting this artificial intelligence program. It was originally a messenger service in which you could interact with a crazy and fun digital bird and now they made large improvement in terms of AI.

This Korean artificial intelligence program is often compared to Siri of Iphone 4S, which both interact using an artificial intelligence in making a conversation. There’s also an argument saying that Simsimi is more superior to Siri in terms of conversation ability in such a way that Simsimi artificial intelligence, is better to hold more concise and, of course, crazy conversation. And more important is, it is FREE.


You can download and try craziness of Simsimi with your iPhone.

For Android:

Post your best conversation below at the comment section.:)