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Apr 30, 2012

Removing Edit Link in on Cart and Wishlist Pages

Minimizing user experience and making it a pretty straight forward is fantastic way to achieve checkout conversion. Removing some unnecessary steps on your magento site help to avoid confusions in your customers and give them focus to complete the checkout process.

Magento default theme has an "edit" link / feature when you reach the shopping cart section. Thus, it help the users to make changes on their product I see it as an extra steps and redundant. In order to remove them just simply follow these simple steps.

1. Removing "edit" link from the shopping cart

a. Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/checkout/cart.phtml
b. Comment out the code:
<!--<th rowspan="<?php echo $mergedCells; ?>"></th>-->
c. Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/checkout/cart /default.phtml
d. Comment out the code:
<td class="a-center">
        <?php if ($isVisibleProduct): ?>
        <a href="<?php echo $this->getConfigureUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $this->__('Edit item parameters') ?>"><?php echo $this->__('Edit') ?></a>
        <?php endif ?>
2. Removing Edit link on Wish list

a. Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/wishlist /view.phtml
b. Comment out the code:
<?php if ($isVisibleProduct): ?>
<p><a href="<?php echo $this->getItemConfigureUrl($item) ?>"><?php echo $this->__('Edit') ?></a></p>
<?php endif ?>
Hope this post will help you to make better checkout conversion.
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Anonymous said...

Instruction for step 1c should actually be:

c. Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/checkout/cart/item/default.phtml

pRose said...

on item c., you have: . Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/checkout/cart /default.phtml

the correct file is:

. Edit the file: app/design/frontend/your_package/your_themes/template/checkout/cart /item/default.phtml

Alex Holzmann said...

Thanks for the post and to the two comments indicating the correct file, I actually had to remove: the contents within the TDs, but I left the TDs "empty" and it worked good here