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May 23, 2012

Converting Web Service to Objective C code

Web service or sometimes called application service is widely use in terms of communication between machines over the internet. Most of giant companies like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay and many more uses web service. Most of the companies use it to integrate or to build their own API so that their users can access and use it.

Mobile app development also uses web services in order to get and post data between devices. They use them to retrieve feeds, get data from database etc. Ok, let's stop on this I might be out of my title at this time.:)

Ok, let's talk about how can we use web services on IOS devices. We all know that IOS is using an Objective C language for their app development and that the very concern when you are planning to use web services on IOS. You need to convert your web service file into Objective C API so you can use them on your development. Simple!

There are two popular converting tools that I know that can make your life easy in converting WSDL to Objective-C. Here they are:

1. Sudcz ( – convert wsdl by typing the web address of your wsdl document or you can upload it directly. You can also set the namespace of your code. Choose the "Objective-C for IOS" on the code bundle option and then click the Generate button. A compile Objective-c API will be downloaded afterward. You can extract the file and look for the Documentation folder for a detailed instruction on how to use the code.

2. wsdl2objc ( – This code was made by the Giant company Google, which has the same objective like sudcz - it will also generates Object-C code from WSDL file. However you need to download the code and run the app to generate the code unlike sudcz that you can access it directly in the web.

These two tools are really helpful in one core aspect and that is to integrate web services in IOS platform. They also have great support on issues related to their tool. If you know other helpful tools except for the above mention and you’re pretty sure that it should be in the list just post your comment below. :)