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Dec 13, 2010

Emphasizing Keywords

Dealing with Search Engine Optimization game can give you all fundamental axioms. One of these axioms is emphasizing keywords in your content.

Things need to know before emphasize keywords:

In terms of search engine optimization, keyword is the greatest key for putting you on top of search engine indexing. Please remember this, No matter how many articles you add per day or just we say your adding article in a daily basis but without optimizing it can also turn into poor indexing.

Before emphasizing keywords you must do the following.

1. Develop and understand the prospects of your site.

- Planning and understanding prospects of your site is the very first thing you might do to have a smooth tuning of your target keywords and users. In most cases, website or blog which didn’t have a well planned prospects resulting to a scrambled of content and out of the topic category..

2. Keyword Research

- Keyword research refers to a method of doing step by step precision giving of what keywords will work preeminent in your site. Keyword research done along with tools: Adwords Keyword Tool, Free keyword Tracker etc. Along with this method you can create keyword master lists which serve as your keyword guide. It is reasonable to have a keywords list since you will need as a basis in which keywords are giving a great hit compare to other.

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Let’s assume that you list down all your keywords, the question now is on how we going to emphasize your keywords as part of your content. Emphasizing keywords is one of the strategy uses by well know site especially sites dealing with news events and reviews. This type of strategy is frequently used to boost their indexing in search engine.

You have your option on how many keywords / keywords phrase you want to emphasize in a particular content. But always remember, avoid so much emphasis which your content leading to a keyword spam.

How to emphasize Keywords / Keywords Phrase?

1. Making the keyword bold / italic

- Making your keyword bold / italic can tell the search engine robots that words or phrase is the spotlight of that page.
2. Putting Keywords in Header (H1, H2, H3 and so on).

- Proper usage of Header tags is also best way to emphasize keywords. Basically the behavior of user in searching like Google. They click the index link which contains related /exact keywords they use in search.

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