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Dec 10, 2010

How to Boost Alexa Ranking?

For a new blogger It is really difficult to raise you page ranking for both google and alexa if you don’t have any knowledge regarding with SEO, content writing, keywords and an extra of dedication,. I was looking for several tips on how to increase my ranking in alexa. My current ranking is about 9 Million plus, it is reasonably though because I was not updating my content in a daily basis.

Why alexa ranking is eligible?

Even though there are some several bloggers that are not so supportive with alexa ranking result. Like SEOBOOK, It is quietly most of bloggers are keeping their blog rank high as they can so they can attract advertising company. That the real deal with Alexa. If advertising company is a big fan of alexa top sites and make his/her ads appear for those who are in top. You must think twice to make an effort with regards to your ranking.

How can I move to the top?

1. Great Content
- Yes, great and valuable content. I know it’s quite self- intimidating to see yourself to as best blogger like Steve Pavlina, Darren Rowse or Yaro Starak. But it’s quite fulfilling in your part if you say that I want to be unique and I want to be on top too by posting my great ideas.

2. Share your Ideas
- Arguments is superb, you can get new ideas from other bloggers and reader as they argue you. So accept argument and encourage them to comment in your work. Another thing that is outstanding in terms of sharing ideas is to be guest blogger. Guest blogger is one way of building reputation to your name and blog. It will also gain trust with your reader that you’re sincere in giving information and not just by making money out of it.
3. Make blogging a daily habit.

- If you want to achieve a big goal! You might need also a large amount of effort. Make blogging as your daily habit. For a newbie blogger like me, forget money for the meantime just focus on how we can compile a bundle of post and optimize it so we can be great for the near future.

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