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Jan 27, 2011

Facebook Like Button in Magento Site

Facebook is one of the top sources to get a high traffic to your site. Traffic is important specially for those having an e-commerce site. So, having facebook button through out your product pages is great idea to make your marketing strategy widen through the use of social media.

Magento having so many extension for this stuff, but most of them are commercial extensions. There were also free extensions like Facebook Like Button. Let me show you on how you can incorporate this extension in your magento site with out any hassle.

1. First you need to login in your magento store account.
2. Once your in, navigate to SYSTEM --> Magento Connect --> Magento Connect Manager.
3. Go to Extension Facebook Like Button page and get the extension key. You need to login in Magento Site or register if you haven't one before you can get key of any extension.

Note: After successfully get the key PLEASE consider this reminder before installing it. Magento Installation Reminders..

4. If you're ready to install back to Magento Connect Manager and paste the Extension key in the textbox provided and click Install.

In case of ERROR:

a. You need to read the Error first.
b. if error is the permission you need to make your magento site in 777 mode.
c. If Extension state is the problem. Please look for the error. If the extension is in beta state. You need to set the setting of Magento Connect Manager in beta mode and try installing it again.

5. If you success in installing it. Log out and re login again to avoid admin Access failure.
6. Go to System --> Configuration. In configuration page, please navigate to TEMPLATES-MASTER TAB, under this tab is the facebook like button. Click it and configure.

7. You need to create an facebook application to get your:

Application id: ______
Application key: ______

8.Once you got the key and id, You can edit the corresponding PHTML file where you want to put the Facebook like button.

Download the Installation of code here.


Mads Sigvert said...

tnx for this guide and extension, i got a isue though. I keep getting a
"There were problems uploading
"" on behalf of your
Open Graph page. Here is the full error message our photo server
reported: "Error Processing File: Unable to process this photo. Please
check your photo's format and try again. We support these photo formats:
JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.""

any idea why? there is no picture on that url.

Janzell Jurilla said...

Hi Mads, where you are when you got this error?  Give me some detailed info and I love to help you. :D

Mads Sigvert said...


I am on my shop site, under a product where i then chose like, and write a small comment, when i submit i get this error from facebook. Let me know if you need more information.

Janzell Jurilla said...

can you give me the link so I can see the exact error - thanks

Mads Sigvert said...

if you click the like button and gives it a few secs, it will write a error.

It seems that its looking for the image for the product in the wrong place? it complains about "", but the image for the product is in this place ""

Janzell Jurilla said...

Hi Mads, 

I try to like the given link but I didn't got any error. 

Mads Sigvert said...

Odd.. Did it upload a picture to your facebook, ? becaus that is what is failing here. I am still getting a error when i press like, but it takes 5-10 sec before it says there is a error. (probaly becaus its trying to add a picture to what i liked, on my facebook, and that seems to fail)

Mads Sigvert said...

i mailed it via email, just cant get it to wok, tnx for all your help on this :)

Magento One Step Checkout said...

 thanks for stopping by and sharing your with us. It was clear and made sense for us beginners.

Magento One Step Checkout said...

Wow!! simply to say this guide useful for beginners........I hope this kind of post really helpful for future reference.

christev john said...

Wow............ This one is going to attract more online business stores to facebook now!

Christev55 said...

Great post!! checkout the following url, 
This extension enables your customer to shop from your product catalogue that is available on your magento store through your Facebook :

Onlinebizsoft said...

Oh, Yes, Thanks for post. I also own a Magento.

kopila said...

I am getting err complains about "", but the image for the product is in this place

Janzell Jurilla said...

@kopila - hi kopila, can you give the link of your site or a screenshot so I can see the error.


Anonymous said...

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