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Jan 17, 2011

Magento Extension: Installation Reminders

My project manager ones told me that most of his programmers say that Magento is a "Nosebleed CMS ever"and Why?. He said that aside from bunch of files that you need to maintain and the ability to make multi-store and multi-site from it. Magento is basically created in an OOP programming. So if you don't have any background in OOP you'll probably get crazy when you try to customized it. :)

Like other CMS, Magento also give free and pro extension which are needed to have an effecient E-commerce site through Magento Connect Manager.

Reminders in Installing Magento Extensions

You can see the steps in installing Magento Extension here.

1. First always bear in mind that Magento Extensions have three (3) states / staging. 
    a. Stable means the extension can be used in a production environment.
    b. Beta means the extension is not recommended for use in a production environment.
    c. Alpha means the extension is still in development.

*These three states is important so you will know the status of extensions you want. Recommendation from most of Magento Developer to use stable extension to avoid any error in your site. 

2. Make sure that when installing Magento Extension, you configured your server in 0777 mode. You are not allowed to install extension 0777 permission is not set in your server.

3. Search an extension in Magento Connect and get its extension key. You need also to know the state of the extension.

  a. To get extension key you must need to Login / Register in Magento .
  b. To check the state you can go to Releases Tab of the Extension you want.


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