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Jan 6, 2011

How to Add Media/Audio Player in Wordpress

Hi Fellas! for now I will tell you on how to add audio/media player in your Wordpress post. Post including audio can give reader more accurate information and other option on how to acquire the information you want to rely them.This type of post can be seen for those site engaging in grammar, pronunciation and spelling. See this screen shot below.

Steps in adding audio player in wordpress

1. Log in to your wordpress site.
2. Go to plugin section and click the add new button.
3. Search this plugin wp audio player or you can download it , upload, install and activate it.

4. Now, after activating this plugin. Go to Settings tab --> Audio Player (and you will see the screen below). In this section you can customize the look of your audio player and configure other information. 

5.  After configuring the audio player. Your now ready to go with your post. 

        a.  Go to Post and click add new.
        b.  Click the add audio icon above of editor. 
        c.  Upload pop up form will now appear. 
       d. After uploading your mp3 files. Click audio Player button and then click insert to post.
           e. Holla! Save it and you now have an audio player in your post.