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Jan 7, 2011

How to Know if your server is in Mod Rewrite

Hi folks! Let me share this important tips in migrating your site on web a server. This is how to test your web server if the mod rewrite functionality is enabled. This is important when you are using Content Management System such as Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress. When the Search Engine Friendly is enabled in your CMS. It will cause 500 error if mod rewrite is disabled in your web server.

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Steps on how to check mod rewrite is enabled in your server

1. Enable SEO in your administrator (this is apply for all CMS).
    Example in Joomla.
    In Joomla 1.0: Site -> Global Configuration -> SEO: Search Engine Friendly URLs to Yes.
    In Joomla 1.5: Site -> Global Configuration -> Site: Search Engine Friendly URLs to Yes, Use Apache     mod_rewrite to Yes. (Setting Add suffix to URLs is optional).

2. Create an .htaccess: file and and insert this code.

   Options +FollowSymLinks
   Redirect /test.html

3. Now go to your browser and paste this URL:

  (Replace with your own domain name in the URL above.) If it redirects you to mod_rewrite is enable. If it gives you an error - mod_rewrite is not working.

Tips for Joomla:

If mod rewrite works, then replace the .htaccess you created above with the htaccess.txt file that came with your Joomla installation and Rename it to .htaccess. Now, you can turn the SEF configuration.