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Mar 11, 2011

Enabling Magento Cookie

A common issue that usually encounter in a  fresh magento installation is the disabled cookie. This issue is when you are trying to add products to shopping cart but yet get redirected to enable-cookies CMS page and you can’t add products to your cart. Similarly, when I try to login as customer from customer account login, you still get redirected to the same enabled-cookies page.

The question that the enabled cookie page is saying “Please enable cookies in your web browser to continue“. To solve the problem you might need to check if your browser cookie is enabled.

If your browser cookie is not enabled, apply the following steps:

1. Go to tools – Internet Options

2. Click the privacy tab - Default button  
IE 8

1.In your browser, click the Tools - Internet Option.
2. Click the Privacy Tab - Advanced Privacy Setting,.

3. Checked "Override automatic cookie handling" and "Always allow session cookies".


1. Click Tools - Options 

If cookie is enabled and still got the same page. Configure the back end of your magento site. 

1. Increase the Cookie Lifetime of your Cookie

 Go to System –> Configuration –> General –> Web –> Session Cookie Management –> Cookie Lifetime = 5400

Default, Cookie Lifetime = 3600. Make it  5400.

2) Disable redirect to enable-cookies CMS page

Go to System –> Configuration –> General –> Web –> Browser Capabilities Detection –> Redirect to CMS-page if cookies are disabled = No