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Mar 6, 2011

Editing Magento Pages in Backend

1. Login to Magento Admin Panel.
2. Once you’re login, navigate to this tab : CMS  Pages

3. After that you can see the list of magento static pages. (i.e we need to edit magento home page). To do this, click the home page row.

4. In edit page, click the content menu under the right navigation. Please see image that follow.

5. In content tab, you can see the code for that page. The default editor is in HTML Editor. To switch in WYSYWIG editor, click the show/hide editor button.

6. Screenshot where WYSYWIG Editor is shown. From there, you can edit or insert HTML elements in your page.

7. After Inserting / updating the page. Click save page button to save your changes.


Adom said...

Magento , an open source e-commerce application. The above post describe step by step method of editing Magento Pages in Backend Nicely which can be very helpful in web application development

Anonymous said...

Well, EDITING MAGENTO PAGES IN BACKEND is not so hard to do all you need to have is basic skills of CSS and HTML and little courage to messed it. ;)

Mary Wallace said...

The above comment is true, only basic skills are require for that. I build my skills by practicing and using an online tool such as Easy Web Content