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Mar 2, 2011

How to Create and Assign User Roles in Drupal

Creating User Roles

1. Login is as the administrator and go to the administrator panel.

2. You need to create a new user by Administer -> User Management -> Users and click Add user

3. Create new user as shown.

The user currently has limited privileges. Since we want this user to have admin privileges, we have to create an administrator role and assign this user to that role.

5. Go Administer -> User Management -> Roles and create an administrator role as shown.

6. Edit the permissions of the administrator role.

7.Give this role full access by check marking everything.

8. Edit the newly created user.

9.Assign this newly created user the administrator role.

10. Now when the new admin logs in, he will have all the menus and controls that an administrator will have.
• Adding new roles for specific users with limited permissions will add security to what they can access on the backend.
• Check only the role (permission) that applies to the added user.

Assigning User Roles

Go to Administer -> User Management -> Users

1. Choose user (s) by checking checkbox beside user name.
2. Select type of roles in update options (dropdown button), then click the update button to update the roles of selected user(s).