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Mar 2, 2011

Creating Content in Drupal Admin using CKEditor

Please follow these steps in creating content in Drupal Admin.

1. In Admin Backend Panel – Click Create content and choose content type to use. Content types are explained in image below.

2. Creating a content using Ex."Page Content Type".

2.1 Enter desired page title.
2.2 Insert content in body. The body use CKEditor for user inputs.
2.3 Select “Full HTML” in Input Format.
2.4 Choose Comment Setting Option.
2.5 Enter URL path of the pages you want to create. Ex. for about page. Enter “about”.
2.6 Click Save Button

CKEditor Basic Function

1. Rectangular Shape represents the basic formatting function of editor. (See image – From left to right)

a. Bold
b. Italic
c. Underline
d. Strikethrough
e.f.g.h Left center, right and justify alignment
i.j Bullet and numbering
k. Insert Anchor
l. Insert Image
l. Font Format
m. Font-family
n. Font-size
o. Font-style
p. Table
q. flash

2. Circe Shape highlighted are tables, images and flash

Inserting Image to your Content

a. Click the image icon in CKEditor.

b. You can directly paste image URL in the box or “Browse Server”. Clicking Browser server will pop up a screen below.

c. Images that already uploaded in FTP / SERVER are list at the right side of the screen.

d. To upload new image click the upload link in the left side of the screen and do the upload process.

e. If upload complete the image will be visible in the image list.

f. Double click the desired image to insert it in your content.

g. The pop screen will close and image URL will be inserted in URL Text-field. Please see image below. Click OK to insert it in your content.

NOTE: Process in inserting an image is also applied in inserting FLASH object.


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