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Apr 21, 2011

6 Ways in Snagging Inbound Links

In my previous post, I discussed about article spinning as an effective SEO technique. 

Communication in websites are barely done through linking. It’s rare to find a site which doesn't link their self to other sites. Links create websites communities usually with the topics and interest. Search engine then made an evaluation regarding site importance base on the numbers of quality links.

There are two of types of linking that are present in the web; inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links is simply incoming links to your site from other site or webpage. Improving inbound links are making your site importance in search engine which giving you good search results and indication of good page rank.

6 Ways in Snagging Inbound Links

Several ways to achieve quality links are the following: 

1. Link Request

This is considered to be the primitive way to gain an inbound links. Examining your site topics and industries is the first step you need to do before approaching others to link your site. But since, there are several factors of worries or competition aspects to be consider, this method is not effective in reality.

2. Let other Bloggers Do

Since blogging phenomenon is widespread, most company used this as a powerful tool in establishing a back links to their site.

3. Be a Guest Writer 

This is considered to be the most effective way to gain inbound links. Site owners/ blogger create an article or a post to other sites which ranking is high to leverage their site through getting back links. However, in creating or submitting an article please make sure that you submit an article which is well written, accurate, and useful to readers. Meeting these requirements will create a commitment to your readers.

4. Affiliate Program 

Is a type of paid advertising that uses linking to monetize for both advertisers and publishers. Affiliate program works by leaving a link to other site as a return of payment or a purchase commission. Links are generally made up of goals such as buying a products, registration or newsletter subscription. However, there are rumors that affiliate marketing derived a less valid linking compare to organic links since it is paid programs. Most search engines however consider affiliate program as acceptable marketing practice in which retain or add whatever rankings you have.

5. Site Commenting

This way of linking can get you to two possible results. First, gain links and increase traffic. Second, getting worse instead. Proper commenting is needed to meet the first possible results. When commenting to other blogs you must observe it in ethical way.

a. Comments must bring solution to a problem.
b. Post a comment related to a topic post.
c. Provide additional information about the post.
d. Respect other idea, especially when getting 2 way comment discussion.

6. Paid links and ads 

Paid links is likely common to affiliate program which acceptable as a business practice. However, affiliate program are not posting link direct to your site unlike paid links and ads place a link directly to our page.

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