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Apr 21, 2011

Choosing Domain Hosting Matter in SEO

Aside from domain name consideration, webmaster must also consider the elements of hosting to ensure the effectiveness of SEO in their search results ranking. Yes, I doesn’t matter which company hosting your site, hence it doesn’t mean that hosting element is unimportant.

Consideration in Choosing a Host

1.In choosing hosting, the most important consideration is your location and the hosting company location.Why?. For example, your location is in England and your hosting company location is in United States, you probably suffer in search results. The reason behind this is that the search engine crawlers will consider the two locations ambiguous. Another key point to remember if your site is an ecommerce site which demographic market is in only in your area, it is better to get hosting in the same location as where you are.

2. Another thing also that might affect your search engine ranking is the time span registering your domain. Most of search engine give priority for those domain which registered longer compare to a year registration as it shows more commitment in maintaining and updating the site.


Website laten maken said...

one question i would like to put ahead how to choose better web hosting cause when google go to crawl the site and if the server is down then google might reject our site. So please do let me know...

SEO Services said...

In the present world of online marketing, web hosting is very supportive in seo and the scope of web hosting services depends on many aspects according to the requirements of the website as it is a personal or a business.

Janzell Jurilla said...

 Hi Website laten maken, 

 Choosing web hosting is just like choosing a house. You need to choose which give you full security and assurance.  You can choose web hosting company with Good Review and has a reasonable pricing.You can check or any other site review to check your desire hosting.

 Thanks for asking anyway.