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Apr 7, 2011

Blogger: Custom Domain Effect to Traffic and Pagerank

My previous post deals about on how to fix duplicate titles, descriptions and contents in your blogger site. Now, I will show you another helpful post explaining the effect of changing your sub-domain to your registered domain.

As we all know, Blogger has the ability to make use your registered domain instead of using the sub-domain, Doing so, there are several factors that you might want to consider before jumping to it.
Most of bloggers are deterred in getting a custom domain for blogger by the following concerns:

1. Google Pagerank Downgrade.

Let me give you an example, if you have a sub-domain url ( and decided to use custom domain, expect to that your pagerank will be downgrade or even back to zero.

Explanation: Since Google need to re-index the newly custom domain, your pagerank will not be carried out and therefore it will be downgrade or back to zero rank. Another reason is that the two domains (the blogspot sub-domain and custom domain) are treated by Google different.

However, Pagerank is not so crucial in getting traffic, so, you probably get traffic as the same as your sub domain or little less. If you have great site, after few months, you will gain back the Pagerank you lost, so be patient. Please also keep in mind that all your previous post will be redirected to your new custom domain and not loss any hits on it.

2. Traffic Problem

If you gain a lot of traffic from you blogspot domain yet decided to use the custom domain features, expect that there will be small shift in your traffic stats. There are some several reason why are you getting this. If you use custom domain you need to resubmit your site with search engine in order to crawl the new domain, in which process take 2-3 weeks. That’s why the newly created articles are not yet visible in search engine for the first 2-3 weeks.

Disclaimer: The article above doesn’t mean to encourage to change your blogger site in custom domain. It was base on my personal experience and you’re free to exchange thought with me.


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thiruppathyraja said...

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Adeel Eacademic said...

I have one question, if i redirect my blog to then what will become of alexa ranking of Will it automatically transferred to my custom domain?

Janzell Jurilla said...

Hello Adeel,

The alexa ranking of your blogspot blog will not carry over to the custom one. Since, Alexa will consider the new custom domain differently. In my case, before I swap my blog into custom domain my alexa ranking is almost 300k. After customizing it, my alexa ranking back to nothing.

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Shony said...

That's correct. Even I feel the same after getting a custom domain.

Kaushik said...

i recently changed my to Lets see what happens to my stats. one thing i noticed is that within 4 hours of changing domain my new domain was indexed by google.

Gill said...

I had purchased and set my custom domain to blogger.

Now the problem I am facing - my new post not index in immediately on Google SERP. I use more search tools but I unable to find my site on SERP.

Should I posting regularly?

Revati said...

thanks for shearing this great article .........i want to change my domain name

Janzell Jurilla said...

@Gill, you need to submit your new domain (URL) again to Google in order to index them.

manisha said...

I think Google is working reverse. Actually blogspot posts should take more time to get indexed by the search engine. But, the undesirable behavior of Google discouraging the newer blogger custom domain owners. Any way let us wait for a favorable change!

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