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Apr 10, 2011

Social Media : Stumbleupon reach 1 billion stumble per month

Aside from hotheaded boom of Facebook and twitter; Stumbleupon also proved its explosive growth by reaching a billion stumbles per month statistics. Statistical data below represent the growth of Stumbleupon from Jan 2009 until Jan 2011.

As my assumption, the boom of social media such as Facebook and Twitter for the past 3 years is also the turning point Stumbleupon in leveraging their status towards web competition. Growth of Stumbleupon status the output of it’s smart and interactive functionalities. It's main function is to give its members related website which based on their profile preferences. The site has stumble button and
where members click and see stumbled website.

Stumble gives you the best site in the choosen category. It also has the features of rating, (the thumbs up and down icon) which allow members to rate stumbled website. Another thing that stumble best service is the advertisement. Their advertisement services is not obviously determined which is better for advertisers side to increase their chances to boost their campaign.

So if you managed your profile preferences well you’ll probably get the best stumbled sites that fits you.