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May 6, 2011

Installing Disqus System Step by Step

Disqus comment system did very well, bringing new capabilities for bloggers to improve their old commenting procedures from traditional to modern way. As an avid follower of I was amazed on how their community works by the used of great comment system. And this is because of Disqus (pronounced as discuss) which provide threaded replies, gravatar, social media integration, comments sorting, pagination, and customization power.

I will be listing here on how to install Disqus in different platforms such as blogger, wordpress etc.. but fro the mean time let me do it for blogger.

Installing Disqus on Blogger

1. The first thing you need to do if you don’t have any account on Disqus community is to sign up. If you do have one then you can access your account here.

2. Creating an account on Disqus include 3 steps, the first step is to register a site. Then, next is adjusting your site setting and the last is Install the widget itself.

3. In the Installation steps, you can see the list of platforms which Disqus supporting. For Blogger, choose the blogger icon. (Make sure you’re login to your Blogger account).

4. After clicking the icon, you’ll be taken back to your Blogger Panel where you need to add the “Add Widget Option” in your page element section, just like installing any other widget.

 HINTS: Please only make sure that you select the right blog where you want to install the Disqus.

5. Click Save button.

Disqus Comment In Action

Having installation problem? Add you comments below!.


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