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May 10, 2011

Speeding up your Magento Site

Most of Magento developers faces the loading problem of their site for several reasons. Some of these are messy external css and javascript setup, large number of template files, untidy template customization and  a lot more. But looking with this issue, I decided to look for some alternatives to speed up the performance of your magento site. Here are some helpful tips that I compiled, hope it will help lot of magento developers out there.

For Magento Configuration:

1. Uninstall extensions which are not really needed in your store. When installing extension make sure that you install a reasonable extension.
2. Enabled Magento Cache especially in production site System -> Cache Management.
3. Minify Javascript and CSS Files.
4. Use Magento Compilation feature. It gives a 25%-50% performance boost. System > Tools > Compilation.
5. For production site, make sure you disabled the log setting in System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Log Settings and other developer tools.
6. It is also best practice to limit the number of products that can be seen in your product list page.
7. Select only attributes that you want to visible in the frontend such as size, color etc.
8. Look for some magento extensions and check if it is boosting performance.

Customizing Template

1. Don’t overuse javascript files – make sure you didn’t use too much script to run your store. It is much safe to stay simple yet performing well that fancy but too slow.
2. Minify CSS files, compress and check for unused selector.
3. Use simple template if you don’t want to customize. There are lots of free simple themes out there.
4. Apply loader for javascript.
5. Optimize your images (ALL if possible)
a. Use PNG8 or GIF and don’t use transparency if not really need.
b. Use image compression.
c. Use CSS sprites for those images that apply in CSS file.
d. Specify image dimensions.

Maybe it’s not complete list but I hope it will give you an idea on how to optimize you magento site.

If you have tips to share. Please post it in comment and I will add it in the list. Enjoy :)