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Aug 3, 2012

Magento: PHP modules and Other System Requirements

In installing magento, you must strictly follow all the system requirements they provided to avoid critical issues as you go along. PHP modules are usually those requirements overlook by developer to check before installation; and since, magento is built in php language it is necessary before doing anything to complete all php modules that magento required.

Here are the list of extensions that must be enabled in your php:

o simplexml
o mcrypt
o hash
o GD
o iconv
o curl
o SOAP (if Webservices API is to be used)

Additional requirements for PHP are also mandatory:

o Safe_mode off
o At least PHP 5.2.13+ version.
o Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)

Other requirements are:


o 4.1.20 or newer
o InnoDB storage engine


o If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported

Server - hosting - setup:

o Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5
o Ability to override options in .htaccess files

Supported Web Servers:

o Apache 1.3.x
o Apache 2.0.x
o Apache 2.2.x
o Nginx (starting from Magento 1.7 Community and 1.12 Enterprise versions)

Please feel free to ask questions if you encountered issues in setting up your magento site. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I see. Now i know why i keep on getting error exception when i installed magento in our server. I forgot to enable the mcrypt module. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Every site have the terms. It's our responsibility to follow them. It's for our own good anyway. Rules and regulations should be followed. Thanks for having this post shared by the way.