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Aug 2, 2012

Creating Ebook App for Iphone

Trying to reach your customers through mobile app yet doesn't have enough budgets for making one? It is now simple and easy to do! Just add your content and this software will do the rest. This a readymade Iphone Ebook App that has been developed in high standard code in order to avoid rejection in app store.

Some of the awesome features of Iphone Ebook App are bookmarks, custom font, size and color, graphic user interface for the iPhone and a separate one for the iPad!

 In summary, if you get it you'll definitely have the following:

• You will receive a completely functional ebook app (xcode script). This app features native support for both the iPhone and iPad devices.

• This is a one-time purchase of only $129. No recurring billing.

• As with all iPhone apps, it is written in xcode and you need to have an Apple developer account or have access to a developer to add your content, customize and publish your work on the App Store.

• Immediate download upon payment

• Customer support:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

• Free app script updates for 1 year

Click Here! to get it! And start building your apps.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is great. I want to try this! thank you!