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Dec 9, 2010

A Girl Must Shop

It's when you're about to die of boredom when an idea came filling your head..

I want to go shopping!

Girls, everybody knows, love shopping. May she be a three-year-old toothless kindergarten, a nerdy junior school top student, a pretty senior school cheerleader, or a poor college gal.

I am, myself, a shop-o-holic. I shop when i have school deadlines to meet. I shop when I'm a little bit out of cash. I shop whenever I feel like having something new. It can be a pair of shoes, a dress, or even a small hair clip.

Got short of your weekly allowance but is dying to shop?That really is not a big deal. I've been there at least a hundred of times yet i get the thing I want. How? Read through this blog and be an expert too.

Step One:

Know your money on hand. Don't go for something you can't afford.

Step Two:

Don't live like a one-day-millionaire. You don't know when you will like to shop.

Step Three:

Know how much you can spend in shopping. It is smart to be able to go home with a brand new item and still having enough money left.

Step Four:

Shop once a week. Well, at least just try.

Step Five:

Know what you really want to buy. Prioritize things.

Step Six:

Be a real girl. Play detective and find a nice catch. Exploring the whole mall and transferring to another will sure give you sore toes but going home without a shopping bag will kill you.

Step Seven:

This is what all girls love... the sale day! You will never want to miss such a good opportunity so don't have an empty pocket. Read the newspapers. Surf the net.

Here's the catch. I'm a walking shopping bag. All I have blogged down is according to what i know and even experience. See you at the malls!


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The shopping girl....:)

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