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Dec 10, 2010

Wikileaks Hacker target Paypal:

As related to the my last post regarding with the pro-wikileaks hacker attack against payment service like Visa, Mastercard etc..Now the vigilant are coming for new target which is Paypal.

The spokesperson of the company said that they started receiving Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDos ) on Monday and continue until then. He said that “They may have slowed the website down for a bit but payments have not been affected.”

Paypal Statement:

“The site is fully operational. We can confirm that there have been multiple attempted DDoS attacks on this week. We have also experienced an attack on today. Attacks may slow the website itself down for a short while, but they have not significantly impacted payments.”

Tweet post by Operation Payback:

“Target is: _Status: seems to be down :) Instructions: #ddos #payback #wikileaks," Anonymous' Operation Payback Twitter account, @Op_Payback, tweeted at around 1PM ET.”

Seems that Pro Wikileaks hackers do all what they can to infect all those Payment Services that cut off the donation collection gateway.