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Jan 14, 2011

Article Spinning: another SEO Technique

Spinning an article is when an author randomizes certain words from his article to make diversified unique copies. Article Spinning is one of the Search Engine Optimization technique that allows website or blog owners for a higher rank in Google and it also increases the results of your article marketing campaign. Writing an original article requires time and effort. Spinning articles can help you to make most of it. Rewriting present articles (part of it or whole) is a must to avoid penalties for having duplicate contents in the Search Engine Result pages. Copying other author's works without permission can also lead to copyright issues.

Why Spin Articles

Article Spinning let you get the highest return possible for the time wasted in your article writing. You can turn your single article to hundreds or even thousands of unique articles through spinning. It enables you to submit tons of your work to different article directories. If you will submit your articles without spinning it at all, search engines would view your article as duplicate content and would devalue your backlinks. That would surely decrease the returns of your writing efforts. By spinning your article you will get a much better result and link from each of the directories that publish your work.

How to Spin an Article

At first authors do Article Spinning manually. They edit and modify their works, some even randomizing almost each word. Surely that is a difficult thing to do. Now authors have shifted to using article spinning software. Using these software also requires knowledge of the article spinning syntax. Article spinning syntax is how we inform an article spinning software of how what you intend it to do. Oftentimes an article spinning software can get your command wrong and give you bad results.

Advanced Methods Of Spinning

Most article spinners spin on a per word basis like we covered in the previous example, but you can also spin on a per paragraph basis or a per sentence basis. Spinning entire sentences from your article will help to make each copy seem unique.
Spinning an entire sentence from your article might look like this: [I spin my articles to get more backlinks! These two sentences have the same meaning, but they are written differently. Advanced article spinning will help to ensure that your article has diversity in word count and will make it seem totally unique to the search engines.

Article Spinning gives you the best return for your article writing effort. Surely it will help you compete in a high competition market. If you've been looking for a way to get more out of your article writing, article spinning may be just what you're looking for.


Anonymous said...

Spinning Article can also save time in the side of bloggers perspective.

Thanks for Posting this.

Directory Submission List said...

It really does not take so much time to do this directory submissions. Just write down your keywords and meta description into Notepad and then copy paste into directories.

onesta said...

oh yes…it’s true. i’ll try, thanks

Dave said...

I have tried spinning and non-spinning articles. I have noticed that my well spun articles get more reported backlinks as opposed to the unspun articles.

Currently I am using SpinChimp to spin at the Sentence level; but have also used Rapid Rewriter to do the same- but the thesaurus was very pathetic. The best spinner is good as well but had constant issues with the software and dicovered I much preferred Spin Chimp.

Good Post!



White Label SEO said...

Can anyone tell me if article spinning is still a viable technique? I've heard Google Panda has made it rather futile for ranking pages.

MitchellWalter said...

Using an article spinner comes up with different variations. The original meaning of the article is retained and makes it diverse compared to the original.seo reseller

real estate seo said...

Article spinning is one popular technique in SEO. It's very effective and it saves time. Just choose the best spinner tool to avoid Google Panda from tracing you.

Cryz Cruz said...

hah! thank you for this post. i think i should try this.:)