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Jan 10, 2011

Ways to Improve Inbound Links

As a blogger we need daily blog post and content optimization. However, content optimization can take you so far as search engine ranking concerns. The best way to have a better ranking and be on top especially in Google Ranking is to generate reputable and relevant inbound links.

It is not easy though to get these trustworthy links, you need to take more time in sharing, creating quality content, be a ghost writer etc.The following are some steps to achieve a reputable inbound links. 

1. Be a Guest Writer.

This is powerful way to have a reputable inbound links. It is beneficial for both guest writer and blog owner since guest writer get a relevant links and the owner saving time to post content through guest article submission. Usually a writer offer free article post in one a high ranking website in exchange to a back links to their own site.

Usually a 3 or less anchored links are posted in an article submitted if this allowed by the site owner to published.

Always remember as guest writer you need to write an article which topics are relevant to the pitch of blog where you tend to submit it.

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2.Create Content which is amaze other

You can never create an inbound links if you find yourself hanging in creating your own content too. In most cases readers will surely share content which they think were valuable, entertaining, answer question, new, and go with the trend. Content must be outstanding in form since there were bundle of competition happens in world web.

Twitter and other social media site are driven to share contents. You can get valuable links if you build a social credibility out of these social media sites.

Make sure includes social media share buttons to let your content in easy sharing.

3.Don’t forget Internal Links

If you have a blog post which obtain a good page ranking you can create a deep linking in your other relevant blog post. Even though it’s coming from the same domain, search engine also hold the value of that good ranking post out of its internal links.

4.Link your site through forums and comments

They say that commenting in other website gives least inbound links because of noFollow Tag rule that configured in most websites. But the tactic on how to create an inbound link out of it is to create conclusive comments which help reader to further understand the articles. After that you can post your relevant links. If readers see interesting post in your blog you can get rewards such as loyalty of readers and page views.


Link building takes time and it is an ongoing process. If you want to stay on top or be on top you need to work it hard. To achieve it, create quality content, share it, share it and share it. :)

Have you found success generating incoming links to your website or blog? What way you tried and what worked for you?

Leave your comments and suggestions in the box below.


Web Design said...

Un articol foarte interesant. De asemenea si blogul este frumos si am gasit o groaza de lucruri interesante. Merita sa-l adaug in bookmark. Tine-o tot asa si te voi vizita in fiecare zi. :)

Latif said...

Yeah, you're right. Best way to build inbound links are with post content with "list style" so encourage other blogger to give you free backlinks to a blog/website. thanks :D