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Mar 4, 2011

How to Create a Successful Facebook Fan Page

Businesses must grab the opportunity to use social media such as facebook, twitter, dig and more in promoting and reaching their target customers for free. (Imagine reaching million users for free). But before you can attain these target customers you need to use social media in judicious way. Promoting a fan page, placing quality post in your wall, tweet regularly; maximize your connections (by adding friends or followers in twitter) are some of effective ways on how to do it. Applying it can boost traffic to your page and make your site well know.

What is Facebook Fan Page?

This refers to a page which intended to promote local businesses or places, companies, organizations and institutions. It also serves as an advertising page for an artist, band, public figure, entertainment, brand, product or a community.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page enough?

In most cases, creating Facebook Fan Page alone can't attract customers if no proper optimization of page

1. Use Other Social Networking Platform to Leverage Traffic.

In order to leverage its traffic, the use other networking platform like twitter, stumbleupon, myspace, reddit etc. is judicious to do it. (i.e you can tweet your facebook fan page, create a link in myspace that goes to your page, reddit it etc...). By creating a link which pointing to your page will boost the traffic of your page which implies efficiency to reach out customers.

2. Creating Interactive Contests and Freebies to your Page.

Most of facebook users are finding leisure and entertainment so it is best way to follow those trend where you’re giving freebies in your fans. This is common to those fan page which cater products and brand. This will acquire fans loyalty as well as luring other users to be part of your niche.

Most common features for product fan pages are coupon. Maybe a 10% coupon, 20%, 30% and so on. They usually collect customers information before giving coupon, this is usually done by a subscription based which customers need to subcribe before getting it.

3. Right Users for Right Page.
Proper demographic sometimes matter in handling fan page users. You might experienced that even no matter what you do to promote your page, you still trying. This could be an effect of demographic issue (partly) where your fan page is targeting wrong group of users. The best way to do to enhance your fan page with demographic issue is to evaluate your fan page, if it suited to youth, female, male or generals facebook users.

4. Creating Useful Resources for your Fans.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with fans/ users is to give them importance. Meaning you need to make your fans to feel valuable. One way to attain it is by way of giving them a resources. These resources might be a usefull information, rewards, support or other things that can give users pleasure and stay loyal in your page.