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Apr 27, 2011

Google Funnel Make Sense?

It is safe to assume that you already know what is google analytics goal and funnels and how to set up them.

Customer and prospects are traditionally undervalued when it comes to a traditional marketing strategy. Demographically, they usually changes in action, attitude and attention as they increase knowledge toward their prospects; those peculiar changes will affect the customers value towards your site. This analysis (which I think most of marketers know) must be handle cautiously in order to aide correctly the behavior of customer to improve your marketing process.

Google Analytics offers the best tracking methods to capture different data including sales, visitors, campaign etc and Funnel is one of their best features. It allows marketer to understand the behavior of customer toward a certain goal and track the conversion rate of your success.

Imagine, someone surfing on the web and you have your clothing company. That person might become your customer and he is on the top of your funnel diagram. But, of course, that person is less value and having unidentified prospect yet.

Now, he types certain keyword "clothing" into search engine. Noticing that action, the person identified a clearer prospect but yet the value is still not that worthy.

Then, assuming that your site is in search result list and the surfers clicked on your site. From that moment, the value of the surfers (customers) is increase immensely. The customer prospect now transfers to your site with high value.

At this time, your main objective is not only focusing in making a sale but also to make the customer loyal to you. Keep in mind that loyalty is better than “all or nothing cliff”. All you need to do is to make your customers entertained and valued as they were important.

Finally, you converted less prospect surfers to valued and loyal customers. They’re now ready to go deeper in your funnel which is buying.

Sample Funnel Illustration for a Complete Sales


It is important and preeminent judgments to study the behaviors and prospect of your customers in order to gain loyalty, value customers, learn spend time and money in promoting and building your site. Play dynamic marketer role and avoid being flat. Embrace funnel changes and the bacon is all yours.


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