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May 11, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

One morning I had a talk to an old villager in our town. On that moment we shared a cup of coffee and a conversation. As we shared along our laughers for all the things that we saw as we sip the hot coffee.

I asked a personal question to him. “Tiyoy, why are you still working in the farm? Are you contented with your life as a farmer? Are you happy spending your lifetime exposing your skin to the heat of the sun every now and then? ".

 He replied with a serious eyes and a smile, “We may have secret longings too deep to utter to others – perhaps a desire to be a successful business man with a smooth skin and a firmer muscle or a person with a good family with a car and a big house to be boast. But then life is not that easy to make with out the guidance of the person above. It’s just like the cup of coffee in your hands. You can demand the amount of sugar and cream to be put in your coffee that suits to your taste but then too much sugar and cream sometimes have a corresponding payment to your wallet and most expectedly to your own health.” 

While listening to him I just smiled because of the fact that I thought I got his point. That sometimes too much greed in life brings a person to its own grave. But he continues, “Hold your cup of coffee tightly. Imagine that is your precious life. Your precious YOU. And the cream and sugar are your desires.” As he explained it to me he was also demonstrating it to my own coffee. “As time passed by, your desires in your life becomes bigger and wider.

 The more cream and sugar to be filled on your cup as you continue to full it with your desires in life. As you are getting busy filling your coffee with cream and sugar the higher the hot water gets until the time it will flow out to your hands.” As he filling my coffee with cream and sugar the coffee flows to my fingers.

 So I hurriedly take my hand off but realize that if I drop the cup it will shattered into pieces so I hurriedly sip the flowing coffee. …….”because of the hotness of the coffee the first thing you do is to drop the cup. But then you realize that if you will drop it you will lose a creamier and sweeter coffee. Then the final thing you do is to sip your coffee.” He stopped for a while and gave me a beautiful smile as he saw my reaction after tasting my coffee. “So what’s the taste? Is it still your coffee? Is it still nice to drink with and share it to other people?”

 Those questions bothered me and stop me for a while. “…… my dear, contentment and real happiness in life comes when we want God’s will more than our own way. We must put each desire in God’s hand and pray. Let God choose. Too much in life is not good. The cream and sugar overlaps the essence of a coffee. The higher you get in life the bigger the possible you will loss the real essence of being you as one of the masterpiece of God’s hand.

I was made to be a farmer and so I live to be a farmer. So why I should desire too much and become other person in peoples and in God’s eye. Whatever I had now --- a big house, a farm to till, and mechanical equipment for the hacienda I owe it to farming. All of this is because of farming, so why I should stop and embrace the things that I am not?

Staying simple and making great things out of a small thing with love will bring you to success. Aim Excellence in every little thing you do and Success will chase you. The success created by the person above. The coffee is you; let God choose the amount of cream and sugar to your coffee. Time will flew it will be the best cup of coffee in town.


Janzell Jurilla said...

Great story. thanks for sharing, Karen