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May 11, 2011

Good-bye Blogger

Even though I customized my blog well yet I'm a little bit worried since I don't host on my own. I really want to move it in Wordpress platform and manage it with no worries. I'm reading some nuts in the net until come to the point to read some reviews regarding Blogger vs. Wordpress. Since in blogger there are several important features that I need customized in my blog but blogger doesn’t allow me to do it. I research enough reasons why I need to move in Worpress Platform.

Easy to set up and use

Yes, you can set up your blog in blogspot for a couple of minutes. For that short of time you will have you and blogger account. There are ready made templates for you and you can start posting as soon as you finish setting it up.

On the other hand, Wordpress take a couple of hours and little tricky installation since you need a hosting service for it. You must download the Wordpress files, upload in your server, set up a database and configure. Wordpress also has default template to use.

However, if you have a Cpanel in your hosting, most of hosting services has a one click installation for well known CMS such as Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. So, you don’t need to hassle installing it.

Right of Ownership

I finally have time to read the Term of Service (TOS) of Blogger or generally Google TOS yesterday but I’m shocked how they construct a statement where it said "Google is the owner of your intellectual property". Another thing is that they can shut down your account without any prior notice when the time they don't want your blogging. Scary isn't it? And oh! One thing even you custom you domain in Blogger, still, you are using their database so be aware of that.

Please see this excerpt of their TOS.

Compare with Wordpress, you have your domain name and hosting with your own. You have a full access and control over it.

Customization and Features

The first thing that I don’t like with Blogger is that, they don’t support Category. They support labels but you can’t do a hierarchy linking to it. Deeper category improve internal linking, with that said blogger is fail in that aspect. On the otherhand Wordpress has the ability to give you a deeper internal linking by serving the hierarchy category.

Blogger have several widget that are useful but that’s the only distance blogger can go with. With Wordpress though is far beyond that. Custom plugins and advanced tools, very supportive community, and a complete user experience in general.

Addition, In case you want to edit robot.txt and htaccess file in Blogger, you don't have any way to this. since Blogger doesn't have htacces and robot.txt for you. :-P

Easy Posting of Article

Which user interface (UI) do you prefer? Blogger Dashboard or Wordpres?

Based on my experience, I like Wordpress Dashboard not basing on the color scheme or any design. What I like most is the presentation of HTML elements. In blogger if you copy your written article and paste it directly to its editor. The style and other unnecessary elements from MS word is also copied in the editor in which when you publish, it will look different from what you expecting. The code is also untidy. Unlike Wordpress which give you neat and clean HTML elements.

Hug with Mr. SEO

Search Engine Optimization process is easily applied due to free and premium SEO extension. Optimizing keywords, title and description is so easy with Worpdress, Where in Blogger, you need to do hack in your template file to do the process.

See you soon Wordpress. I'm leaving Blogger for Best!