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May 12, 2011


Once upon a time, there was a house in a far away town where in the family Feeling lives.

One evening, family Feeling held a party to their luxurious house for the celebration of Triumph success. Because of a stressful work that Love did for the preparation of Triumph’s party, Love decided to sleep early in her room. Out of knowing, Forgetfulness fail to remember that she left the gas stove open. The leak creates an explosion that give rise to a fire that can burn out the entire house.

Time hurriedly announced to the Feelings that they will evacuate the house as soon as possible.
Love was trapped in the room and the only one who stayed because Love can’t clearly see and breathe well. Love wanted to persevere it until the last minute until Love saw Wealthy passing by.

Love said, "Wealthy can you please help me? I can’t clearly see the way." Wealthy replied, "Sorry Love, I can’t… there are lots of gold jewelry in my hand. I can’t hold you."
Love wanted to ask Happiness that also passing by with a big smile in her face. But then Happiness was too happy that she doesn’t hear the cry for help of Love.

Vanity passed by with Love too. Love decided to ask Vanity. "Vanity can you please help me?" Vanity answered, "No I can’t… my dress is too precious to be messed up if I will carry you.
Love saw Sadness running close to her. Love shouted loud towards Sadness, "Sadness can you please bring me with you? Sadness shouted back, "Oh ….. Love! I’m so depressed of what is happening right now. I need to be alone."

Love can’t endure the smoke around the room that she is loosing her breath until the two hands reached for her and a voice that said, "Common Love, you can make it. We will take you out safely."Love lost her sense that she even doesn’t make it to the point to thank those who help her.

When they arrived in the hospital they left Love with Wisdom. After a day Love woke up and hurriedly asked Wisdom who help her that moment. Love realizes how much she owes to that family member. Love asked,

"Who help me?"

"It was Triumph and Time." Wisdom answered.
"Triumph and Time?" Love stopped for a while …"But why Triumph and Time came back and rescue me?"
Wisdom smiled and answered seriously, "Because Triumph believes that Love will conquer all and only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is."