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Feb 21, 2011

19 Best Black Wallpapers

Black is the absence of all colors so in logical way of thinking it is not necessarily consider a color ;) .This color is usually misunderstood yet popular in different industry. In fashion industry this color is used to invoke sophistication and classical aspects to a model. on the other side black also represent strong emotions, a symbol of menace and devil. Some people use this color to represent thier emptiness like Gothic dress style.

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If you think you're one of them who preferred this color. Please take a look this black wallpaper collection. Added are caption and link source which where you can download it.

Apple Black Wallpaper

Momentica Black Wallpaper

Smoke Black Wallpaper

Loading Wallpaper

Cat in the moon

Small Person

Thumble bug

Guitar Wallpaper

Black Dog Wallpaper

Girl Black Wallpaper

Windows Vista

Black HD wallpaper

Car Wallpaper

Peace Typography

Floating Tree

Body wallpaper

Vampire wallpaper

Smoking Hand



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