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Feb 10, 2011

How to approach SEO?

Approaching Search Engine Optimization is not really hard as what we think. Basically SEO is only a part of your marketing plan and must not be considered as your marketing plan alone. There are lots of marketing strategies that need to adopt in order to have superb marketing and SEO is only a part of it.

Does SEO really needed?

Ironically you can still have a successful site even you don’t maximize your SEO strategies, I read an article from Steven Bradley which he explain on how to become a profitable even not gaining any search traffic. I know it’s quite confusing why I’m promoting these 5 aspects of SEO and the same leading you for not totally focus with it. I’m not saying to ignore SEO but what I’m trying to entail is that we need to be more detail with regards to all factory that determine on how to be on top of page rank result. Remember the whole is greater than the sum of its part.

Aspects in Approaching SEO

SEO define as an iterative process, a never ending process to be exact. If you want to stay on top or to crawl up in the search result you need to make “Never ending SEO process”. Internet competition is not a static thing.

There are many aspects that affect SEO but let me tell you the top 5 aspects that need to consider.

1. Keyword– keyword is on top in top 5 ranking factors having 73% importance rate.

Keyword Research – keyword research is crucial process that might lead to your site fall or rise in search engine results. If you are starting blogger or a site owner, it is important to apply a more specific keywords rather than focusing on vague keywords. For example if you’re planning to have real estate website and your place located in Philippines, you will say that “real estate” is really import to you. This keyword is too general. Would you think if someone looking for a real estate in New York is it important for him if he can see your site in the page result with the use of real estate keyword? Maybe in some manner it can generate traffic but is 1/100 to generate sales.

User search in the search engine using the following queries:

Informational queries – Queries that cover a broad topic (e.g., colorado or trucks) for which there may be thousands of relevant results.
Navigational queries – Queries that seek a single website or web page of a single entity (e.g., youtube or delta airlines).
Transactional queries – Queries that reflect the intent of the user to perform a particular action, like purchasing a car or downloading a screen saver

We choose on what queries we want to focus with but taking these all 3 is needed. Furthermore we need to understand the intention of person that searching those queries and based on that intention the site ranking of your page matter.

Steps in Developing Keywords List

1. Brainstorming - First you need to jot down all the information / products / services you want to include your site. Formulate a list containing all the idea you want to include with.

You can use Tools that will help you a lot in formulating those keywords.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
SEO Book Keyword Tool
Keyword Discovery

2. Synonyms – you might consider using synonyms of your keywords ex. web design or website design.

3. Look for your competitors keywords - it is not a mortal sin to see what your competitor’s keywords use and besides they don’t own those keywords naturally.

4. Examine your keywords list – check your list of keywords if there were necessary changes such as altering not related words or phrases or adding words to have a specific keyword list.

5. When apply it in the site. Look in analytics reports to see what keywords bringing people to your site.

You can also try these resources:

Note: Part 2 are coming…..


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